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Show me the money…

October 12, 2010

So you have got the job offer, you have celebrated with your friends, the new role seems to have everything you want, better prospects, better salary, even a desk with a sea view.  All you have left to do is write the letter and hand in your notice.

The irrational fear kicks in, handing in your notice can be terrifying The last time I did it I managed to recreate my line manager in my mind to being a cross between The Gruffalo and Predator, instead of the perfectly lovely lady I had worked side by side with for four years.

But when you finally get the nerve to enter the office and say the infamous line ‘can I have a word please; in private’ to your manager and share the news that you are heading off to pastures new it can be a real spanner in the works when they suddenly offer you more money to stay.

 Counter offers are delightfully flattering and often extremely tempting; and from a recruiters perspective a right pain in the backside.  However as a recruiter I have seen some great candidates accept counter offers to only appear back on the market 3 to 6 months later as nothing else barr their salary has changed.

 Not many of us would work for free, however money tends not to be our main motivating factor.  Should you find yourself in the fortunate position of having a new job and your employer offering more money to stay then consider the following:

Why were you looking for a new role initially? Was it salary driven or because of a desire to progress, new challenge, or plain old boredom…. 

Why did you have to “throw your toys out” by handing in your notice in order for your manager to increase your salary?

 Will your new salary effectively price you out of the market, so if you return to the job hunt in a few months will your earnings be so inflated they can’t be matched by a new employer for your level of role?

 Does your current role satisfy you in the way you hope your new role will?

 Can you put a price on job satisfaction?

 Only accept a counter offer if the reason you are leaving has been corrected if not you could find yourself a few quid better off but not necessarily any happier….

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